CSM Filter – RO Membranes – Fouling Resistant – RE8040-FEn

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Fouling Resistant Membranes

The biggest problem with using the RO membranes can be contamination (or fouling) of the membrane layer. Especially in the case where surface water or wastewater contains highly-concentrated organic substances, the membrane may bear irreparable damage. However, CSM’s Fouling Resistant RO Membranes can significantly reduce such instances.

Low amounts of hydrophobic substances (oil and organic) and other particles accumulate on the membrane surface due to the smooth surface and hydrophilic properties of CSM’s Fouling Resistant Membrane; and as a result, this type of membrane from CSM is recommended in potentially high fouling wastewater.

Flow Rate:  11,000 GPM

Salt Rejection:  99.7%

Diameter/Length:  8.0″/40″

Test Conditions:  40″ BW Standard


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