CSM Filter – RO Membranes – Nanofiltration – NE4040-90

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Nanofiltration – NF Membranes

Nanofiltration membranes allow for different rejections: monovalent and divalent. It is possible to permeate selectively due to this feature. The main applications are PR solutions, dyes, special chemicals, expensive raw material recovery and pretreatment for removing parts of monovalent: Tone-ions and rejecting divalent Tone-ions in seawater processes.

Flow Rate: 1,700 gpd

NaCl Rejection:  85-97%

MgSO4 Rejection:  98.0%

Diameter/Length: 4.0″/40″

Test Conditions: NE Standard


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Manufacturer CSM Filter
Series Nanofiltration
Model Number NE4040-90
Part Number NE4040-90

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