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PPES-Series High Purity Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Filter Cartridges are ideal for sterile filtration and clarification of pharmaceutical and biological solutions. Each PPES cartridge is integrity tested during manufacturing and is supported by a validation guide for regulatory compliance. Low protein binding and the broad chemical compatibility characteristics of the polyethersulfone membrane,
along with exceptional flow rate vs pressure drop, makes the PPES-Series the ideal choice for a variety of valuable and/or critical pharmaceutical solutions.
PPES cartridges are fully validated as sterilizing grade filters in accordance with HIMA and ASTM F838-05 guidelines. For the 0.2 micron series elements, validation studies demonstrate sterile effluent is achieved with challenge concentrations in excess of 107, Brevundimonas diminuta per cm2 of filter area. Additionally, validation studies of 0.1 micron series elements demonstrate 107 retention
of Mycoplasma per cm2 of filter area. Designed to tolerate repeated hot water sanitization and in-situ steam sterilization cycles for
maximum service life. Manufactured in a clean-room environment to maintain high standards of purity
and cleanliness.

Typical Applications
• Vaccines
• Large Volume Parenteral (LVP’s)
• Water for Injection (WFI)
• Diagnostics
• Ophthalmics
• Cell and Tissue Culture Media
• Protein Solutions
• Serum and Blood Products


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Manufacturer Global Filter
Series Polyethersulfone Membrane Filter Media
Model Number PPES - Series Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone
Part Number PPES-0.2-10-2-B Sample
Description Ordering Information
PPES Rating (µ) = 0.1, 0.2
Length = 10", 20", 30", 40"
End Cap Style = 2= DOE Flat Gasket, 3=222 w/ Fin, 4=222 w/ Flat Cap, 6= 226 w/ Flat Cap, 7= 226 w/ Fin, 28= 222 3tab w/Fin
O-Rings/Gaskets = B=Buna, E=EPDM, S=Silicone, T=Teflon Encap Viton, V=Viton, Z=Teflon Encap Silicone

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