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Aquatrex Filters combine innovative depth filter technology, quality cost effectiveness to provide excellent filtration value in residential and light commercial applications.

This product is ideally suited to be used in AMETEK’s Big Blue and Keystone’s Blue Giant housing units. (Big Blue is a trademark of US Lilter/Siemens. Blue Giant is a trademark of Metpro Keystone Filter Division.) The LD filter has pure FDA compliant polypropylene construction, and is  manufactured using ISO 9001 certified process.

Typical applications
• Whole House Filtration
• Spa and Pool Filtration
• Restaurant and Food Service
• Water Filtration

General properties
• High dirt-holding capacity
• Unique dual-graded density design of the extended media captures particles throughout entire filter depth
• High dirt-holding capacity means longer life and fewer change-outs, which translates into money saved
• Precision final filter results in consistent high performance filtration
• Large media area allows for high flow rates (Maximum recommended flow rate is 10 gpm for 10, 20, 30, and 50 microns, 5 gpm for 1, and 5 microns per 10-inch length. Change-outs recommended at 25 psid)



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