DuPont Dow Resin – AmberLite MB20 H/OH Ion Exchange Resin

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Mixture of Gaussian, Gel, Strong Acid Cation and Strong Base Anion Exchange Resins for Industrial Demineralization Applications

AmberLite MB20 H/OH Ion Exchange Resin is an equilibrated, homogeneous mixture of a dark strong acid cation and a clear strong base anion exchange resins. It is fully regenerated, ready-to-use, pre-mixed resin developed for the production of high-purity water in working and mixed bed polishing applications. The pre-mixed resin also allows for faster initial rinse-up prior to service, which minimizes rinse wastewater volume.

AmberLite MB20 H/OH is most commonly used in service deionization for a full demineralization of water when removal of silica and CO2 is required. In most of the applications, the conductivity of the treated water is much lower than 0.1 μS/cm and the pH is neutral. If necessary, the resin can be regenerated after exhaustion. Both components must be separated by backwashing and regenerated separately.

AmberLite MB20 H/OH is the reference mixed bed for service deionization. The resin mixture is prepared from high-quality components and the proprietary manufacturing process ensures consistency from batch to batch. This enables the resin to perform in a highly stable manner delivering high-quality treated water consistently in both working and polishing mixed beds. The consistency in quality combined with visible separation of cation and anion resins prior to regeneration make AmberLite MB20 H/OH a trusted choice for mixed bed pool systems.




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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberLite Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number MB20 H/OH
Part Number MB20 H/OH
Description Typical Properties -- Cation Resin -- Anion Resin
Physical Properties
Copolymer Styrene-divinylbenzene Styrene-divinylbenzene
Matrix Gel Gel
Type Strong acid cation Strong base anion, Type I
Functional Group Sulfonic acid Trimethylammonium
Physical Form Dark Amber, Translucent, Clear amber, Translucent,
spherical beads spherical beads
Volume Ratio 38-44% 62-56%
Chemical Properties
Ionic Form as Shipped H+ OH-
Particle Size
< 300 μm ≤ 3.0%
Shipping Weight 710 g/L

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