DuPont Dow Resin – AmberLite HPR9000 OH Ion Exchange Resin

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Uniform Particle Size, Macroporous, Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin for Condensate Polishing and Mixed Bed Demineralization Applications for the Power Industry

AmberLite HPR9000 OH Ion Exchange Resin is a premium quality resin designed specifically for use in nuclear condensate polishing mixed beds and other regenerable mixed beds when highest resin purity and water quality are required.

The special dimensioning and consistency of the macroporous structure of AmberLite HPR9000 OH provides exceptional resistance to surface fouling as well as physical, osmotic, and oxidative stresses, which allows increased resin lifetime in operation.

AmberLite HPR9000 OH can operate reliably under the high flowrate and pressure drop conditions that are typically used in condensate polishers, and the particle size, uniformity, and white cream color resin allow for excellent, easy, and visible backwash separation when used in mixed beds.

AmberLite HPR9000 OH can be perfectly paired with several cation exchange resins and the selection depends on plant operation:
– When highest water quality and longest runtime are needed, AmberLite HPR1600 H Ion Exchange Resin is the best choice due to its
exceptional chemical stability and high capacity.
– For a cation resin that balances capacity and regenerability, AmberLite HPR650 H Ion Exchange Resin is a trusted choice.
– For systems running with ETA chemistry, AmberLite HPR1400 H Ion Exchange Resin should be the choice to maximize the protection of        the anion resin kinetics.
– For longest runtime in amine cycle operation or in the most oxidative environments, AmberLite HPR2000 H Ion Exchange Resin is the best    choice due to its high sodium selectivity and excellent oxidative stability.

Resin Pairings

Recommended pairing:
– AmberLite HPR1600 H Ion Exchange Resin (gel)
– AmberLite HPR650 H Ion Exchange Resin (gel)
– AmberLite HPR1400 H Ion Exchange Resin (gel)
– AmberLite HPR2000 H Ion Exchange Resin (macroporous)
Additional options:
– AmberLite HPR2800 H Ion Exchange Resin (macroporous)


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Manufacturer DuPont - Dow
Series AmberLite Ion Exchange Resin
Model Number HPR9000 OH
Part Number HPR9000 OH
Description Physical Properties:
Copolymer - Styrene-divinylbenzene
Matrix - Macroporous
Type - Strong base anion
Functional Group - Trimethylammonium
Physical Form - Light tan, opaque, spherical beads
Chemical Properties:
Ionic Form as Shipped - OH-
Total Exchange Capacity - ≥ 0.80 eq/L (OH- form)
Water Retention Capacity - 66.0 – 75.0% (OH- form)
Ionic Conversion:
OH- ≥ 95%
CO3 2- ≤ 5.0%
Cl- ≤ 0.20%
Particle Size:
Particle Diameter - 650 ± 50 μm
Uniformity Coefficient - ≤ 1.20
< 300 μm ≤ 0.3%
< 425 μm ≤ 2.0%
> 850 μm ≤ 5.0%
Metals, dry basis:
Na ≤ 50 mg/kg
K ≤ 50 mg/kg
Fe ≤ 50 mg/kg
Cu ≤ 10 mg/kg
Ca ≤ 50 mg/kg
Mg ≤ 50 mg/kg
Al ≤ 50 mg/kg
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ≤ 10 mg/kg
Whole Uncracked Beads ≥ 95%
Swelling - Cl- → OH-≤ 25%
Particle Density - 1.05 g/mL
Shipping Weight - 660 g/L

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