Filter and Membrane Housing Parts – Housing – HSG,802P-TC, 6L, 32T-12-S-S

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8″ Tri-Clamp Housing – HSG,802P-TC, 6L, 32T-12-S-S

The 8″ Tri-Clamp membrane housing assembly is a side entry 2-port design, with 2″ tri-clamp side ports, and 1½” tri-clamp permeate port. The exterior and interior surfaces are a mill finish.

Maximum pressure rating is 600 psi.

Note: The end cap permeate bore ID is 1.135″ and will adapt to membrane elements using Product End Adapters (PEA).  PEA kits are not included with housing packages and must be purchased separately.


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Manufacturer Veolia
Series Filter and Membrane Housing Parts
Model Number HSG,802P-TC,6L,32T-12-S-S
Part Number 1232762
Description The housing assembly includes:
• Housing body
• (2) Stainless Steel End caps with LTD (Load Transfer Device) on the downstream end cap
• Closure components
• Stainless Steel Mounting supports
• Stainless Steel Support straps

Key Features Material - 316
Available Options Increase from 2-inch to 3-inch Tri-Clamp Side Ports
Increase from 2-inch to 4-inch Tri-Clamp Side Ports
Add an additional 2-inch Tri-Clamp Side Port
Add an additional 3-inch Tri-Clamp Side Port
Add an additional 4-inch Tri-Clamp Side Port
Exterior Surface Finish
Metallic Epoxy Paint
Bead Blast
Electro-Polish (chrome appearance)
Mechanical Polish (180 Grit)
Interior Surface Finish - Mechanical Polish (180 Grit)

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