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Top-of-the-Line Lab Water Purification Systems

When it comes to guaranteeing the necessary lab water purification systems for your facility, look no further than Complete Water Solutions! Our team of experts understand the unwavering importance of consistently pure water in any laboratory setting

When it comes to using water in a lab facility, it’s highly important to deionize the water and make it as pure as possible. No matter the range of purification you need in your lab setting, we have the proper application for it! If your lab water system doesn’t live up to your standards, or needs to be replaced, our dependable lab water purification systems will meet your criteria. From your most critical uses to everyday applications, Complete Water Solutions promises to complete your lab water purification system needs.

We take pride in our collaborative approach when working with our customers. Our team of experts will commit to understanding your facility’s needs and coming up with a proactive plan that ensures your equipment is well-maintained.

Various Types of Lab Water Purification Systems

Complete Water Solutions knows that precision and purity are of utmost importance when it comes to your lab water purification systems. We offer a variety of systems designed to fit the wide-range of needs of our customers. 

  • High Purity DI Exchange Tanks
  • Electro-deionization Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Treatment Systems 

There are many ways to get pure, clear water for your lab. Every variable must be accounted for in a lab setting, which is why labs trust Complete Water Solutions to deliver the highest standards. Our lab water purifying systems yield high results on a consistent basis while being cost efficient to your business. 

Depending on your exact lab needs, our skilled professionals are well-equipped to determine the best water treatment solutions tailored to your facility’s needs. We kick off the process by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your water purification needs so we can recommend a system that ensures an uninterrupted flow of clean and quality water to your facility.

Contact us today to get started on your customized hospital water treatment systems plan!

Emergency Services

At Complete Water Solutions, we know that a systems issue at any time can quickly turn into an emergency. We provide emergency services with the goal of minimizing downtime as much as we can while still providing quality repair and replacement work. No matter who you purchased your water treatment equipment from, we are here to help in a pinch.

Our expert technicians are equipped with everything they need to identify your hospital water treatment systems issue – and fix it fast.

Hands-On Training

Looking for more of a hands-on training experience? We’ve got that covered, too! Once our service is completed, you have the option to do one-on-one training or choose to be trained in a classroom setting. We offer equipment-specific training on single and mixed-bed industrial DI systems, water softener systems, UV systems, and much more. We also provide industry-specific training opportunities. Learn more about our training offerings today!

Self-Guided Resources

We also offer a number of resources to help further educate you and your team on the upkeep of your hospital water treatment systems and contribute to their longevity. Check out our blogvideo seriesglossary of common terminology, and more!

Parts & Products

If you’re in need of parts for any number of your hospital water treatment systems, head over to our catalog to review our extensive offerings of products!


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