Suez E8-86K-DLX Reverse Osmosis Sysem

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to provide a turnkey solution to replace an old DI Water system which was used to make up boiler feed water. Complete Water Solutions designed and engineered a solution which consisted of:

  • Ecowater Triplex Carbon Filtration System EWS302CS
  • Antiscalant System – Fed prior to reverse osmosis system
  • Suez E8-86K-DLX Reverse Osmosis System w/ Allen-Bradley PLC -Reverse Osmosis CIP System
  • Ecowater Duplex Polishing Softener System EWS452

The reverse osmosis system was fitted with AK8040-400 Cold Water Reverse Osmosis Elements. The RO System provided 5 Microsiemens Water with 1 PPM Hardness. The polishing softeners removed the remainder of the hardness. To Learn More About Reverse Osmosis or how we can help design and install your system visit us @ or email

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