Current Situation:
Our customer had 5 Millipore EMD Elix 100 RO/EDI units. At the time, 2 units were leaking and the total output of all 5 units when working would be 2.2 GPM @ 77 Degree F (see specs). Roughly 634 Gallons Per Day Make-Up (2,400L Per Unit). The customer also had issues during the winter months when water temperatures would drop causing the output to drop. With new processes coming online the customer determined that they would need to get another 1 to 1.5 GPM production. This would require them to purchase another Millipore EMD Elix Machine (maybe 2) plus repair the existing 2 that were broken. With a price tag of $16,800 – $28,000 Per Unit. The cost was going to range from $67,200.00 – $112,000, not including installation.

Some Additional Needs:
The customer needed installation done in such a matter that would allow them to still operate during the changeover. That was not a problem.

Complete Water Solutions was able to provide a turn-key system replacing all the Millipore EMD Elix Machines and provide them the quality of water they were requesting. All the equipment was replaced and installed while keeping the customer running. We were able to do this by providing a Temporary DI Exchange Tank Service during the demo and installation process. This kept the customer running and they did not miss a drop. The customer selected to replace the Millipore EMD Elix 100 Machines with:

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