Repaired Leaking Resin from Damaged Water Softener

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to inspect the interior of the softener system that was installed in the hospital by another contractor a few years ago. After multiple problems, the Hospital Administration wanted to fix the problem once and for all. Complete Water Solutions arrived onsite and began with an initial assessment. During the assessment, we found that there was resin leaking from one of the softener systems periodically. Complete Water Solutions Service Engineers arrived onsite, dissembled each softener vessel, and removed all the resin storing onsite.

Complete Water found the gravel under bedding was all piled up on one side (Under The Manway Entry). The previous contractor installed the gravel support layer but never spread/leveled the support out after installation. This caused the internal piping to move/flex during regeneration, over time this stress and lack of support caused the internal piping to break. The break caused resin media to escape the softener vessel.

Complete Water Solutions repaired all 3 softener vessels in one day, removing all the resin – inspecting all the internal piping, making repairs, leveling gravel/support layer, reinstalling the resin, and returning the system to normal operations.

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