Osmonics E4-6600 & Performa Softener

Recently Complete Water Solutions received a call regarding spotting on a paint line. This current customer uses RO Water to rinse the final product prior to boxing and shipping the products to their customers. The customer had not had much experience with Reverse Osmosis & Softener systems so Complete Water Solutions performed a “Free Preventative Maintenance Check-Up” on the system and found the reason for their problems. Once the free preventative maintenance inspection was performed we found that the softeners had quit working. The softeners were producing hard water which resulted in scaling of the RO membranes. This scale resulted in increased conductivity and hard water bleed through. That ultimate result was spotting on the products coming off the rinse line. Complete Water Solutions, after talking with the customer, found that it was better to just replace the softener due to the age of the equipment and the fact that some of the parts had become obsolete.


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