Illinois Candy Manufacturer Finds Not So Sweet Piping Problem

Troubling Softener Shutdown

A Chicago candy manufacturer contacted Complete Water Solutions after having to shut down their production due to a problem with their water filtration system. Their condensate polishing softener had become continually inefficient, causing them to use more water and energy than normal. Our team of trained technicians quickly set out to solve their problems.

Our technicians discovered the entire water system was made from a mix of stainless steel and galvanized piping. Since galvanized piping contains a layer of zinc, it is susceptible to corroding over time and creating a buildup of lead. The mineral deposits caused the softener to experience problems, leading to the shutdown.

To fix the issue, Complete Water Solutions first replaced the corroded pipes with stainless steel. Next, we checked over the entire system to flush out any remaining lead deposits. Once the system was clear, we made the rest of the necessary repairs so the softener could come back online.

While galvanized pipes were once commonly used in most major home and commercial plumbing, stainless steel is preferred today. The reason for this shift became obvious for this Chicago candy manufacturer: galvanized piping corrodes due to an inner layer of zinc. This means eroded zinc and other minerals enter the water supply and can cause damage if not properly removed.

Initially, the manufacturer had called because of a problem with their condensate polishing softener. It was after we arrived we discovered the problem stemmed from the galvanized piping. As soon as our technicians started to look at the system, they could see signs of erosion throughout the piping. Complete Water Solutions repaired the condensate polishing softener with all new stainless piping in place of the failed galvanized.

Received New Parts

There is nothing worse for a company than an unscheduled halt in production. Yet this Chicago candy company had no choice but to shut down their manufacturing floor after they began experiencing problems with their condensate polishing softener. They called Complete Water Solutions for dependable, efficient repairs.

Our technicians knew time was of the essence, so they quickly checked every component of the water filtration system. It wasn’t long before they found the source of the trouble: galvanized pipes had been used instead of just stainless steel. The galvanized pieces had started to corrode and lead had entered into the pipes. The manufacturer who had installed the system was trying to save money by mixing pieces, and now it had cost the company.

Complete Water Solutions replaced the piping with stainless steel and repaired the condensate polishing softener once no more lead remained in the system. they were able to get back to work right away thanks to our help.

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