Food Manufacturer Northern Wisconsin Trusts Complete Water Solutions To PM Their System

Every year this Food Manufacturing facility has a tight deadline to meet when it comes to performing their Preventative Maintenance on the water system. Even more strict are the food safety measurements required when it comes to performing such service on this water system. This water is used as ingredient water in the production process so following and documenting everything is critical. Complete Water Solutions understands this importance and has a program in place that is next to none when it comes to this service.

  • Checking in onsite – at every food manufacturing facility you need to check in onsite. We make sure we not only check in but we follow all safety protocols onsite. We even have a video pertaining to this very topic.
  • Safety Walk Through – while  following the facility protocol of watching a video, or reviewing safety documentation we take it one step further. We want to know everything there is to know about the area we are working in and the equipment we are working on.
    • Are there other hazards in the area that may not be pertaining to what we are working on but should know.
    • What additional safety lock outs can we put into place to make sure or reduce the risk of contamination?
  • Preparation –  Before we bring equipment into the facility we make sure that everything is approved prior to arriving onsite. Such as cleaning chemistry for Reverse Osmosis Equipment.
  • Cleanliness – Our technicians make sure to clean tools, tool bags and other equipment prior to entering your facility. This helps reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Cleanliness – No this is not a typo – our technicians make sure that a clean uniform is put on prior to the service work being performed. If additional items such as a “suite” or “jacket” are required will make sure to provide that as well.
  • Paper work and documentation – If its not written or documented it never happened. When performing service we make sure to document every step of the process. Including recording serial numbers and lot numbers of products used. Along with this we will also document duration of chemical used, % of chemistry and recording the removal of the chemistry. To ensure no contamination or chemistry was left upon departure.

This is just a small list of what we do for our Food, Pharmaceutical And Aerospace Clients.  This client entrusted Complete Water Solutions to clean and sanitize all (3) of their Industrial RO Systems.

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