Edible Oil Manufacturer – 100 GPM Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Recently Complete Water Solutions assisted an Edible Oil Manufacture reducing Time, Energy And Money, by Supplying and Installing a New 100 GPM Industrial Reverse Osmosis to feed their boiler.

During the winter months the customer would have to use a blend of Reverse Osmosis Water and Soften Water to keep up with boiler demand. The blended water was not the most ideal situation. This blend resulted in higher conductivity, which resulted in more water usage, more boiler blow downs, increased fuel needed to heat water, increased chemical usage. After further review we found that an additional 100 GPM Industrial Reverse Osmosis System would help provide enough water during the winter months.

Complete Water Solutions installed a 100 GPM Industrial Reverse Osmosis System. Complete Water Solutions was able to use the NEW Clean In Place System (CIP) on the existing GE Industrial Reverse Osmosis System. The room which the new Reverse Osmosis system had to be installed in was limited on space, as well as the ability to get it into the room. Complete Water Solutions was able to engineer a way to install the new Reverse Osmosis System without adding any additional access.

The overall cost of the equipment and installation was offset by the Energy Savings Rebate the local Natural Gas Company provides.

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