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Complete Water Solutions was called to upgrade a water softener system at a Wisconsin dairy/whey protein manufacturing plant. We could tell as soon as we arrived how outdated their old system was. Many components had started to rust and there was heavy corrosion throughout the pipes. The manufacturers didn’t know it, but all the damage had taken a toll. The system was not operating as fast as it should, hindering the production process.

Once our technicians finished assessing the damage, we were able to suggest which water softener would work best as a replacement. We removed the old system and began installing the new unit. Before long, production was able to begin again faster than ever before.


The difference a water softener can make is amazing! This Wisconsin dairy/whey protein manufacturer was astounded by how productive their newly installed water softener was. Their old unit had been corroded and was actually slowing down their production. If not for Complete Water Solutions, their business would have been in a lot of trouble.

When they had first called Complete Water Solutions, they had simply thought their system needed some minor repairs or an upgrade. Instead, we had found they would need a brand new softener unit if they wanted to improve their production standards. With so many pipes eroding, the old softener was being overworked trying to remove all the unwanted material. With the new system, they were able to manufacture more while using less water than the old unit, saving them money.

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