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AmberChrom CG161M Chromatography Resin is a macroporous polymeric resin used for adsorption and reversed-phase liquid chromatography. AmberChrom CG161M is specifically designed for the cost-effective, large-scale purification of proteins, peptides,
nucleic acids, antibiotics, and small molecular weight pharmaceutical ingredients. The product is suitable for use in many pharmaceutical applications in front-end capture, downstream purification, and desalting modes of operation.

AmberChrom CG161M is a rigid, insoluble, polystyrene-divinylbenzene polymer that is mechanically stable and chemically robust to standard reversed-phase solvents and cleaning agents. Its high surface area, unique pore size, and pore volume distribution make it ideally suited for the separation of peptides. Its narrow, controlled particle size distribution and mechanical stability enable high flow which, coupled with its high capacity for many pharmaceutical compounds, provide excellent process throughput in operation.


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